Theater Game Jam is an interdisciplinary community engagement initiative that teaches playwrights and game designers how to create game-based immersive theater experiences. Swim Pony and The Engagement Lab @ Emerson College held a free, two day public “game jam” where 25 participants received a hands-on crash course in site-based theater and game design to then create their own immersive theater prototype.

- In collaboration with Swim Pony, fully produced, marketed, and implemented a two day public workshop/skill building event with over 25 participants and 10 staff/speakers.
- Led creative production of all marketing and outreach materials including website layout, branding, and documentary production.
- Responsible for complete client management and deliverable oversight of the project from inception to completion.
- Handled client relations with Swim Pony through weekly check-in meetings and progress reports
- Created scope document to pitch for further funding, sustainability, and scale for growth.
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